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When will it end?!


This teaching this is hard work. 

I get to the end of every week thinking "Yes! I've got through the week; I had some good lessons, I had some ok lessons and I had some lessons I'd rather forget about! I worked till 11 every night and now finally I can relax!" 

Oh wait...I can't. It's just relentless because now i have to prepare for next week! As well as do some silly assignment on making a scheme of work for a series of lessons I will never teach! Bah! 

I do deep down enjoy teaching, otherwise I truly think I would have quit by now. It's a horrible profession, where kids treat you like crap, refuse to do anything, swear at you, ignore you; you are constantly being assessed and monitored and never good enough; it's normal (as I have been told many times) to spend your lunch time crying or get home and burst into tears; you never stop working, weekends, evenings, holidays are spent working and parents would much rather believe their little darling would never tell me to fuck off but if they did then I must have done something terrible to cause it, and while we are on that note why isn't their little darling getting the grades? What am I going to do about that? 

It's just horrid but then occasionally you have a bit of fun in a lesson, the kids do what you want them to do and they have all achieved and progressed. And you forget about all that crappy stuff just to see a room full of potential. 

It's a strange profession, I'm not sure how long I will stay in it because I will burn out at this rate but I hope I get the chance to be a teacher for a good few years before I move on and get back into learning myself. 


The only cure to a week is to go kill dragons with magic and a sword. 

I'm going to make the most of an evening off. Skyrim time! 


So I've become a bit of a Big Bang Theory fangirl in the past month or so. In the limited time I've had to watch it I'm almost done with series 2 now. I love it. 

I now have an unlikely Jim Parsons crush. Mostly because of this fic: The Paladin Protocol

When I stumbled across it, I was like....Sheldon and Penny? No way. Then I read it and now I'm watching every episode seeing all the little things that they have together. Adorable. But yes, Sheldon is badass in that fic and Penny is awesome. Their romance is so sweet and I want it to happen. I know Sheldon gets a different girlfriend in future episodes....but there is hope yet! 

I have to stop reading fanfic and then forgetting what is and isn't canon. When I was watching Sherlock I was like why are Molly and Lestrade being so weird with each other, aren't they dating.....oh wait that a was a fanfic. Damn you fanfic, being so good! 

*sigh* Best get back to writing my essay on learning styles of children (booooooo)

More hot nerd boys please! 


Oh wow. That was awesome.

What an amazing job they have done with that show. I'm reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the moment; the atmosphere and characterisation is pretty spot on. 

What a great episode though, there were indeed tears before bedtime! And Molly! So glad they have made Molly a bit more of a significant character, she was fab in that episode. I just always want to hug her! 

Hats off to Benedict and Martin too, they were just brilliant. 

Can't wait for series 3 now. I'm very much looking forward to seeing which cases they pick up for inspiration :D 

Back to work now! 

On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam...

Well I was hoping to get this done earlier today but that didn't happen. It's been one of those days were I've had a huge list of things to do but hardly any of it got done. Mostly because cleaning my house takes forever! I had planned to got a whole load of paperwork done and books marked today but my house hadn't been cleaned for over 2 weeks. It really had to be done and it just ate my day away. By time I'd finished, had some food, put the next load of washing on and sat back down at the computer to start working my husband called me to go into town and pick up some telescope bits for him. Whilst driving I decided work wasn't going to happen today!

Anyway, teaching is still going great, it's keeping me more than busy. Most days I get home for about 4:30 and continue working till 9ish. I'm so tired that I'm in bed by 10 usually. This doesn't give me much time to do anything at all. I can only play games at weekends now, which is probably a good thing to be honest as Skyrim can be somewhat life-consuming.

The actual teaching side of things is going very well, I'm enjoying it immensely and as my confidence continues to increase my lessons are getting much better and much more fun to do.

 As well as deciding on no work today whilst driving home, I reminded myself I still needed to do an update and it got me thinking about the first livejournal account I had many years ago when I was a teenager. I made everything for that account; user pics, banners, the theme and mood themes. I realised that I had completely forgotten how to do any of it and I've been thinking a lot recently about how I could get more involved because there are great communities on livejournal. I really enjoy reading the fanfic on here but I'm no writer, so I thought maybe it's time to blow the dust off photoshop and get back into editing images. Well that's what I did, I've made 5 user pics this evening. They aren't anything special, but I thought a decent effort for the first time I've done any editing in years. I decided to stick with what I love, ballet, and I've done them all around the beautiful Alina Cojocaru and her fiancee Johan Kobborg. I adore Alina Cojocaru, if you get a chance youtube any of her videos, she is just the most fabulous dancer and a truly beautiful person. It took me many years to come across someone that I class as truly inspirational. 


If you use any I would love a credit :) dinophwoar

Bad Miss!

Yes, I know. 

I'm a bad, bad journal poster. 

I even stopped with my hand written ones :(

I will (promise) do an update tomorrow. This evening as I was driving home, I had an overwhelming urge to write stuff. But I have teachery stuff to do tonight and then a hardcore 2 hour ballet class! 

I think I might be going slightly more crazy than I normally am. 

But that's cool....it's cool. I expected it. 

Anyway. Tomorrow. 

Yes....must plan lesson on acids now.

*Scampers off to the resources folders*

I'm still here!

Just about...


I've been a bit crap with this whole posting to a journal thing. I'm still vaguely trying to keep up to date with friends and communities but it's a bit of a struggle. 

Long story short: pretty much a teacher now. 

Trainee obviously, but it feels like my life is at my school already. I can't believe how full on it is. 

I used to be a veterinary nurse, and at times that could be rather full on and stressful, especially when emergencies arrived. But to be honest there was usually time during each day for a breather. And generally you got your lunch without much bother. 

There is no time for your brain to stop as a teacher (secondary science, if you were wondering). I came home from school yesterday and I could still hear "Miss? Miss? Miss?" from so many different voices. Break and lunch times inevitably get taken up by someone needing something from you, someone doing extra work or detentions. 

It's maddening. 

But awesome. I'm enjoying it so much. I am in a school of horrible children but there are the few bright stars that make it all worth while. As well as the low ability kids who make your life worth living when they finally get something. They are funny too. 

Most of all though, it's exhausting. I feel like I have no time to get everything done, let alone have any time to myself anymore! 

Not tonight though! I've either worked every night this week or gone to bed because I've been so tired. But tonight I'm going to play some games. It's been ages since I've sat down for some solid gaming. 

Target for the next month: Spend at least 1 hour each night reading a novel. In the past 6 months or so I've stopped reading and I'm really starting to miss it. I'm going to finish The Hobbit, which I started when I went to NZ in the summer and then get back to reading Sherlock Holmes. I read Hound of the Baskervilles last and that is such a fabulous read. I loved the style  and feel of it. Very atmospheric.

Anyway, happy weekend everyone! :) 

Hey, don't put yourself down yet...

 *Slaps wrist* I haven't been updating again. It's just been such a busy time. I finished my exams, then went straight into a school placement for 3 weeks. Which was loads of fun, I got some great experience with the pupils and some teaching experience too. It's set me up quite nicely for September. I've been placed in a school nearby that I get to drive country roads to, which is really nice and will be a welcome change from being stuck in traffic all morning and evening. Anyway, teacher training in September should be fun, tiring and stressful all at the same time. 

It's also the summer show at my dance school on Sunday, so I've been dancing away like a mad person most evenings. I'm completely exhausted but it should be fun. We are doing a ballet dance to Escala's version Kashmir, it's awesome. I'm really excited about doing it. My ballet teacher really likes doing contemporary style choreography for our show dances, but still somehow makes them feel classical. The senior girls are also doing a beautiful ballet piece to a classical version of Clocks (Coldplay), I'm sad I'm not in that as it looks so pretty. I'm in another ballet dance that's much more classical to Escala's Sarabande and a tap piece with the other adult tappers. The tap piece is massively difficult for me as I'm a beginner and the other ladies are all gold medal tappers (which is the highest exam you can do for tap). It's hopefully going to be a really good show though. Looking forward to it.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is my graduation...tomorrow! I'm completely unsure of how I managed it, but I got a 1st! It's going to be a really proud day for me. I wish my parents could be here to see it, but I'm grateful that my husband and his family will be there supporting me :) 

Hopefully I will update this a bit more now I've got all the free time of the summer! I would say yay summer....bit the sun appears to have disappeared completely...come back!  

Oh yes, it's all over. No more exams, no more assignments, no more degree! Yay, this is good I can now enjoy the summer. Which has sadly disappeared for a few days.

Anyways, I'm having to do this on my iPad because for some reason LJ isn't working on safari? Does anyone else have this problem? It's just taking a very long time to load, I mean like 30 minutes long time. No problems with any other website, just LJ. I. Not sure. So I will write a much bigger post soon when I've figured out what's wrong and how to fix it.

Doctor Who OMG WTF etc. I will get to that eventually soon too.

Happy Monday!

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Revision O.O

10 hours a day for 1 week. My head is ready to explode. 2 Weeks left to go. 2 exams next week and another the week after. I have never learnt so much in my life, nor have I sat down for so long just to learn before. I don't think I've ever been this dedicated. Whilst, it's good I am so dedicated, I'm feeling so close to burning out right now, but I have a plan, and I think I would go into stress overload if I took a day off and my plan went squiffy. The plan is 4 lectures a day, so far I've managed that very well. Though today I am struggling, only just half way through my first lecture at it's 15.00. Slightly worrying, I may be working into the small hours to keep to my plan. 

Deep breath. 

I can do this. 

I'm aiming for a 1st, something I truly didn't think I was capable of when I started this degree 3 years ago, but my personal tutor has said to me I can do it. I've also had another lecturer describe me as "one of the top two students in the class", which is well beyond how I view myself. I almost feel like I'm working so hard to not let them down, but I think that would undermine the ambitious desire that has been awakened in me these past few months. I've never been this motivated before. 

I hope one day I can motivate my own students to feel this way, so they can go on and do wonderful things with their lives. 

Right. Monoclonal antibodies. I will win over you by the end of today! 

To battle!